The Good Stuff

Usually when you stop at truck stops or gas stations on tour you get candy, chocolate milk, double big gulps of Mt. Dew Code Red, freezer burritos the size of an elephants dick called "The Bomb", which oddly enough are not "bomb", dog shit flavored coffee, or any other number of life decaying snacks and refreshments. Sometimes though, you stumble across the rare truck stop that has the most extraordinary items for sale. I have a collection of these items that include but not limited to arrow head necklaces, mini alligator heads, a sparkly wolf portrait painted on a slice of tree, mood ring, variety of dream catchers etc... the list goes on, i have found some of the most amazing little keepsakes at these stops. This picture here to the side documents three of these non-edible purchasables. A beanie baby like squishy stuffed tiger, a larger similarly stuffed dog, and of course, the leather adjustable baseball cap with attached ginger wig. I did not leave the store with any of these three items. As cool as they are, i have a dog at home, stuffed tigers are for girls, and who would ever want to look like a ginger on purpose?

Rat Turd Trailer

Sometimes, this life will catch you with your pants down. More often than that, your friends will catch you with your pants down. Far less often than either of those, you will get caught with your pants down on camera. Being on tour does however exponentially increase those numbers all around. A few hours prior to this fine little gem of a photo, Jonathan William McRae and I were trying desperately to catch some much needed sleep in a cold, moldy, rat turd infested trailer tucked far out of sight in the backwoods behind a little English cottage. This quaint little weekend escape was packed to the tits with the residents, three bands, and several people who showed up to partake in the shittiest party I have ever been invited to. It didn't take long for Me and Jonathan William McRae to decide we'd rather hedge our bets with the cold ass rat turd trailer in the woods. Good news is, neither of us got the Black Death. Bad news is I got caught with my pants my friends...on camera.

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